About Rowan

I'm a Literature graduate who appears to be anything but. I'm definitely against most academic conventions - I write how I speak, and I think 'informal' language should be more acceptable to use in essays.


I'd call myself a descriptivist. I love internet linguistics and I'm always up for talking about online dialects/pidgins.


I've been publishing original music since around 2010, but I first picked up a guitar long before that. 


I love fanfiction and fanworks. I think they're amazing. Fanworks culture is incredibly important and should absolutely be more respected, and I hope my work reflects that view.


My goal for writing in 2019 is simply to make things and finish them, because you can edit stuff that exists - you can't improve if there's nothing to work with! Camp NaNo, NaNoWriMo, and two completed screenplays are what I'll be working towards this year.

Any queries or concerns?

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